KiHyun Nam

Computer Science & Engineering- Undergraduate

Student Researcher of Vision and Signal Processing Lab

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS)

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I do research in signal processing and sometimes do research in computer vision processing.

As an undergraduate study, I mainly studied the anomaly detection problem for mechanical sound.

In company, I has researched deep learning models for speech signal processing, focusing on speech recognition.

I am interested in speech models, generative models and representation learning.

Personal History

[09/09/2019 ~ 03/09/2020] Naver Clova Speech Internship

[01/10/2018] Start Deep Learning study.


  • Full-tuition for 8 out of 8 undergraduate semesters
  • Interspeech 2020 Travel Grant


  • [10/26/2020] Presentation ClovaCall paper in Interspeech 2020
  • [07/04/2019] Techtalk at Deep Learning Conference All Together(DLCAT)-2nd. (in Daejeon, S.Korea)
  • [03/10/2019] Techtalk at Korea Electronics Technology Institute. (in Seongnam, S.Korea)
  • [09/19/2018] Techtalk at Naver TechTalk. (in Seongnam, S.Korea)


  • Ha, J.*, Nam, K.*, Kang, J., Lee, S., Yang, S., Jung, H., Kim, H., Kim, E., Kim, S., Kim, H.A., Doh, K., Lee, C.K., Sung, N., Kim, S. (2020) ClovaCall: Korean Goal-Oriented Dialog Speech Corpus for Automatic Speech Recognition of Contact Centers. Proc. Interspeech 2020, 409-413.[paper/github]